Sunday, July 31, 2011

NEW Designer added to the store!

I Got Lucky Skraps is happy to announce the addition of QT Kits to our store. Taggers are going to love these "quick tag kits" to put together a fast tag. Each kit comes with everything needed to make a tag; just pick out your tube art. Each kit is designed for a specific tube but your can use anything you like. For more information, visit their BLOG or FACEBOOK page.

2 more new PSP scripts from Karin Kreates

Karin Kreates has a couple more scripts in the store that we forgot to post here. As with all of her scripts, they are completely interactive allowing you to choose the colors or patterns you want to use to match your projects. Both scripts do not require any external plugins. For more information, visit the store.

This ribbon is $3.50.

This 5-point traditional star is bargain priced at $1.00!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

2 NEW Scripts from Karin Kreates!

Here are a couple of new products released by Karin Kreates Scrapz.

Both scripts are completely interactive allowing you to choose any material you wish. They were written in version 8.1 and at 300 DPI.

The butterfly profile is $3.50.

The Pretty Posy is $4.00 (for 2 scripts).

Both products are commercial-use OK too!

More information is available in her store.

Friday, July 8, 2011

~NEW~ PSP Script by Karin Kreates - Awareness Ribbon

Make your very own awareness ribbon in your colors. This script give you at least 3 styles of ribbons and it is fully interactive allowing you to use any material you want. No external plugins are needed for this script and it is commercial-use OK! See Karin's store (HERE) for more information!

And it's just $2.50!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Karin Kreates Celebrate the 4th with 1/4 off!

*NEW* PSP Script by Karin Kreates - Soft Bow

Some of you might remember this script in Karin's tagger size collection but now it has been reworked and improved for full-size!

As usual, this script is fully interactive for both parts of the bow. It is left unmerged so you can adjust the opacity of the smaller bow or remove it completely. It was written in version 8.1 and has been tested in multiple newer versions. It is commercial-use OK!

This script is selling for $3.50. For more information, go HERE.